`` Things Have Changed ' -panic ! At The Disco Essay

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“Things Have Changed” –Panic! At the Disco
Many people believe your worldview stays very close to what you were raised with. Parents are definitely huge sponsors when it comes to forming your worldview, but many other people and occurancesthings can act as sponsors and change your views. Curiosity is a wonderful thing when it comes to expanding your worldview and I’ve always been very curious. If I see an article title that sounds even remotely interesting, I absolutely have tomust click on it. If I hear people talking about an unfamiliar subject I often insert myself into the conversation to figure out what they’re talking about. This has helped shape my worldview into the complex vision it is. Specifically to help me determine right from wrong and what I value as “it is impossible to overstate the importance of your axiology, [what you believe is right and wrong or place value on], in determining your behavior” (Funk). I believe one’s worldview is always changing, especially if you have a strong interest in learning and knowledge.
“Build God Then We’ll Talk”
- Panic! At the Disco Not to sound like a pity party, but in elementary school and middle school, I never had super close friends I was kind of a wanderer and never made super strong connections to people. The groups I was in would often forget to include me in planthings which I believe is why I grew so close to my church group during middle school and early high school. My entire life revolved around church and my…

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