Things Fall Apart Essay

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A Mesh of the New and the Old A human, by definition; “of or pertaining to the social aspect of people” (Merriam Webster). By composition merely “65 percent oxygen, 18.6 percent carbon, 9.7 percent hydrogen, 3.2 percent nitrogen” (, and an abundance of other trace elements. However, when you describe humanity as a whole, the perspective changes and describing it gets much more complicated than a simple definition, or a matrix of elements. This is because humanity can not exist without change. Change is the driving force behind all that is and will be, as well as defining the past. For this reason alone, the colonization of the Africa, as described in “Things Fall Apart”, was to the natives benefit. A stagnate society will not …show more content…
Acceptance is paramount to the success of the colonization, and the main reason why people did not revolt against it. As long as common people can live their lives as they did before, and only offer change instead of insisting upon it, there lies a chance for success. The change brought on by the settlement was voluntary. The white people bought the land to build their church, and once it was built they did not force people to convert to Christianity. They opened their doors and welcomed every one with open arms. Force people to convert or to believe in what you believe in is wrong, and it is not how the white settlers attempted to do it. It's an entirely different plan to offer your service to the willing. The pasture at the church even talked to locals about their traditions and customs. “The Christians had grown in number and were now a small community of men, women, and children, self-assured and confident. Mr. Brown, the white missionary, paid regular visits to them.” (Things Fall Apart 159). He may not have practiced them, or even help enforce any of them, be he listened with an open mind and was willing to talk about what they believed in and discuss whether what they believed was the right way of doing things. No one forced any one to do anything, the people made a decision that they thought was in their own best interest, and made the best out of what they were given. When you leave a decision up to a group of people,

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