Things Fall Apart Ikemefuna

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Ikemefuna gives out a perspective of the character’s life such as the many things Nwoye has to go through in a day along with Okonkwo’s pride with the consequences they have to face. He was a role model to Nwoye and a son to Okonkwo. The character, Ikemefuna, from the book, Things Fall Apart serves a role as someone who holds the father son relationship between Okonkwo and Nwoye and gives a new change to the family.
Topic sentence- Firstly, Someone that is to be loved by Okonkwo would be a very hard thing to accomplish, especially since he is not even his biological son.
Main point- Ikemefuna becomes great friends with Okonkwo’s son, Nwoye. He exerts a masculine influence over the younger boy which gives Okonkwo hope
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Discussion- He starts to get more attached to his new family and has gained an interest from Okonkwo. Okonkwo considered Ikemefuna as his own son because of the various things he has helped Nwoye with.
Supporting evidence- “He still thought about his mother and his three-year-old sister, and he had moments of sadness and depression. But he and Nwoye had become so deeply attached to each other that such moments became less frequent and less poignant.” (pg. 34)
Discussion- Nwoye had become attached to Ikemefuna and started considering him as his older brother. He feels safe and secure with his best friend without getting concerned on the things that his father could cause.
Closing sentence- There has been many new changes because of Ikemefuna’s stay that has influenced Okonkwo to have a soft spot for him and also give some confidence to Nwoye on his masculinity. Ikemefuna has also gained a friend and they have both helped each other with the sadness and dismal everyday speculation that he faces with his mother and sister, but also the anger and discipline that Nwoye

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