Things Fall Apart, Heart Of Darkness, And Apocalypse Now Essay

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Relationship. A word used in a multitude of situations. The dictionary definition, however, states that a relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected. Relationships are vital to the narrative of Things Fall Apart, Heart of Darkness, and Apocalypse Now. They show character development and are what keeps the story moving. Relationships expand your experience as a reader, for you can compare your own experiences to that of the text. Not only can you find relationships within the texts themselves, but you can find them in the concepts and characters between each text. I find that the relationships within these different texts are one of the key lessons that I have learned from. They have you on your toes, keeping you intrigued and guessing what will happen next. For example, in my time spent reading Things Fall Apart, I continued to question how Okonkwo’s alienation from his son, Nwoye, after the group murder of Ikemefuna would affect his mental state and abilities to carry on as the respected man people in the community knew him to be. Throughout the orientation of each text you can find some similarities. The orientation of Heart of Darkness is when Marlow first hears about Kurtz and becomes obsessed. His relationship with him begins to bloom, even though it is purely cognitive. He believes that Kurtz is the answer to all of the questions and problems he has been facing. For instance, he is captivated with the thought of his voice…

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