Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe Essay

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The word tradition originates from the latin word tradere, which when translated, means to deliver. That really is what a tradition is—a deliverance of a custom from one generation to the next that cannot necessarily be explained, but is widely practiced, held, and regarded as a central element of that group of people, whether it be a family, or a society. In Brazil and Venezuela, the Yonamamo tribe believes none of the body is to remain after death. This involves crushing the bones of the deceased, mixing the crushed bones with other ingredients, and then consuming the bone mixture. While this seems bizarre to us, they may find putting glass ornaments and boxes under a pine tree just as ludicrous. In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, traditions are integral to the Igbo people, and they are a central theme. The Igbo people, like the rest of the world, partake in traditions specific to themselves and protect their traditions, just as anybody else would. If somebody walked into your house at Christmastime and removed the tree from its stand, one would not only prevent the tree from being removed, but do everything to prevent the tradition of a Christmas tree from being taken away from them. The Igbo people of Umuofia defend their tradition from the white men because tradition is not only important, but what differentiates and defines a people. Tradition is important to society because tradition is personal, societal, and a prevalent theme in Things Fall Apart. One…

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