`` Things Fall Apart `` By Chinua Achebe Essay

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Tradition, values, and different perspectives of the things around us are affected by the environment in which you grow up in as well as impacting how the person feels, sees, and thinks about different aspects of our world. Humans take what they see and hear, then eventually become immune to it and develop some kind of a stereotype. Achebe, Reyes, and Bloomekatz . All show how the peers around you influence your life and beliefs. In “ Things Fall Apart” written by chinua achebe, the reader is able to see how masculinity and male superiority are taught to children at a young age. In the article “men are stuck in gender roles” written by Emily Alpert Reyes, she explains how men and women are still stereotyped based on the type of job they possess or the type of toys children play with. Stereotypes also take place in Ari Bloomekatz article “Fairfax High 's prom queen is a guy”. Bloomekatz demonstrates how growing up in a much more accepting generation has changed the views on people 's sexuality, even though some people are still in opposition to the gay community. Although these three writings address three different topics, they are quite parallel.
In the novel “Things Fall Apart” being weak is considered a disgrace to your culture and you are automatically disdained by your community. In the story, male children are taught and trained to understand the importance of being dominant at a young age. The main character known as Okonkwo revolves his life around masculinity,…

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