Essay on Things Fall Apart and the Case Against Imperialism

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12 AP English Burnett Things Fall Apart Socratic Seminar Points of Discussion 1. Achebe begins the novel with an elaborate description of the central character Okonkwo. What do we learn about the values of Umuofians through this characterization? 2. Discuss Okonkwo as an Igbo heroic character: how does he work to achieve greatness as defined by his culture? How does he differ from Western heroes? What are Okonkwo’s strengths and weaknesses? 3. Describe Unoka, Okonkwo’s father. What are Okonkwo’s feelings toward Unoka, and why? How does the example of his father shape Okonkwo’s character and actions? Would Unoka be viewed differently in a different culture? 4. What do the early …show more content…
Later in the novel, note Chielo’s roles in the village. What are those roles? What does the Ch. 11 incident involving the priestess of Agbala tell us about the values of the culture? What side of Okonkwo is revealed by his behavior during that long night? 11. The chi or personal spirit is a recurring theme in the novel, a spiritual belief important to understanding the main character Okonkwo. Trace further references in the novel to the chi. What role does Okonkwo’s chi play in shaping his destiny? 12. Compare Obierika—a man "who thinks about things"--to Okonkwo. Is Obierika a kind of foil to Okonkwo? 13. Discuss family life and living arrangements in Okonkwo’s home. Describe Okonkwo’s relationships to his wives and children, especially to Ekwefi, Ezinma, and Nwoye. 14. What differing roles and functions do men and women have in Igbo society? 15. What is Okonkwo’s attitude toward women? 16. In this polygamous culture, men may take more than one wife and each household is enclosed in a compound. Each wife lives in a hut with her children, and the husband visits each wife in turn, though he has his own hut as well. Children are often cared for communally— an African proverb states, "It takes a village to raise a child." Compare/contrast the advantages and disadvantages of this social structure to our own family arrangements in the U.S. 17. Discuss the role of Ikemefuna: What is Okonkwo's relationship with Ikemefuna? Compare Okonkwo’s

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