Things Fall Apart And Against All Hope Analysis

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Things Fall Apart and Against All Hope both have different characters, conflicts, settings, and among those they have very distinct cultures. Things Fall Apart centers around a high-ranking detached man in an Ibo village, his reactions and actions in his life in the village give us a taste of the remote culture. While Against All Hope follows a determined man through his real-life experience inside of Fidel Castro 's prisons as a political prisoner, and gives us insight into the lies of the Cuban government during the 1960s and 70s. Both books show the same cultural value: power, and they show a tolerance of unjustified violence. There is a multitude of differences between the two, but the most recognizable is the technology. Against All Hope …show more content…
Here we see that because he opposed to the government that had everyone on a tight leash, he suffered discrimination. Overall, men had the most rights and lead their cultures. Our culture is considered equal and diverse, and we perceive the cultures in Things Fall Apart and Against All Hope as very erroneous, nevertheless there are still similarities and contrasts. For instance in Things Fall Apart they had unlike religions that coexisted, much like in the U.S. where we have a variety of religions. However, a strong distinction is the number of rights women had, in the U.S, women are equal to men, whereas Things Fall Apart 's women are not even close to being equal. Furthermore, Against All Hope is somewhat more comparable to ours, because it is closer to our time than Things Fall Apart. Many times in Against All Hope we are told the media has been manipulated, for instance: " Each day they would give us the official newspaper, the daily Revolucion, which was calling us terrorists. In the interrogation I protested against that. The officer told me they were sure that I was an enemy of the people." (Valladares 8). Although we have no absolute proof of own government such a thing, but in this day and age it is quite possible our

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