Thin Client Computer Lab Paper

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Dvorak Technology Academy Thin Client Computer Lab Project
Submitted by James I. Davis TIE-532 November 30, 2008

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Thin Client Computer Lab Project
Introduction Computers are an integral part of 21st century life, and as such technology education is recognized as part of the Illinois Learning Standards (ISBE, 2008). A computer lab is an efficient way to deliver access to computers and the Internet to students. Traditional labs, like the one at Dvorak Technology Academy, are populated with complete, standalone computer systems. In network terms these are "fat clients", because each workstation is a complete system, with its own memory and disk space and performing most if not
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It is based on the Ubuntu distribution of Linux1, and is actively supported by its corporate sponsor, Canonical Ltd and an active community of Edubuntu users and administrators (Edubuntu, 2008). Users that are familiar with using graphical user interfaces (GUIs), including basic mousing and window skills, will have little or no problem adapting to the Edubuntu GUI. In addition to a complete range of standard business and personal productivity software (including OpenOffice, another open source project; similar to Office XP in its functionality; and supported by Sun Microsystems), Edubuntu also bundles a variety of educational software for all grade levels. Edubuntu by default installs the open source browser Firefox, so most web-based functionality will also be available to Edubuntu users. FirstClass can be accessed via the browser interface ( Because Linux works like Unix, it handles memory management and multi-tasking in a very efficient manner, making it an ideal solution for thin client networks2. The Thin-Client Computer Lab Project will take advantage of this feature, and run the lab operations on two servers. When students start up the PCs in the lab, they will automatically contact the Edubuntu servers, and see the Edubuntu GUI on their screen. The fact that all of the processing is taking place on a server

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