Theu.s. S. Constitution Essay

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As our forefathers departed England to establish this new land, one of the original drivers was to allow many individual freedoms that were not allowed in England. Therefore, the U. S. Constitution was created to give the people freedoms that were not allowed in England and also to provide protections not provided for in their type of government. The tensions and conflict arose in the process of balancing the needs for individual freedoms with the need for the overall rule of law in the new nation. The difficulty is how individual rights are executed without the infringement on another person’s rights. America needed to have guidelines for all citizens to follow. Included in these individual freedoms is the right to express your views openly without fear of reprisal from the government. Therefore, the tensions in American political thought largely arose in the way our government was first started. James Otis, who was a lawyer and member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, believed Americans deserved the same rights as Britons. There were various reasons of how the government had formed but there are four main ways that have been stated that Otis proves all cannot be true. First, the dominion is founded in grace which meant the people are in charge because God put it that way. Second, the government was founded on power. At the time, whoever had the most power controlled the government. Third, government was founded on compact which was unsupported by…

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