Essay on Theu.s. ' Domino Theory ' And Attack On The Us

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There are many significant and insignificant reasons for US involvement in the Vietnam conflict such as the ‘Domino theory’ and attack on the US. Though there are many significant reasons for US involvement there are three most significant reasons that are the ‘Domino theory’, attack on the US and the military-industrial complex.
The most significant reason for US involvement in the conflict in Vietnam was the ‘Domino theory’. This is due to the fear of communism spreading being a major factor in US citizen’s lives therefore was exceedingly important to the US as the US was a capitalist country. From this theory of communism spreading through countries there was a growing worry in the US of the possible consequences to a capitalist country such as the US if Indo-China became communist. The ‘Domino theory’ was also an idea that was majorly supported by the US citizens leading to the ‘Domino theory’ being the most significant reason for US involvement as the majority of US citizens believed that the ‘Domino theory’ was true and would therefore cause pressure on the government to involve themselves in the war which can be emphasised by ‘(78 percent to 10 percent) said they believed that if the United States withdrew from South Vietnam, "the Communists would take over all of Southeast Asia."’[1] There were many Presidents who supported this theory such as President Johnson which can be emphasised by ‘Johnson was a fervent supporter of the ‘Domino theory’ ’ [2] This emphasises…

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