Theu.s. Department Of Agriculture Essay

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Did you know that the U.S Department of Agriculture reports that just two percent of the price of a head of lettuce is attributed to labor? A head of lettuce cost one dollar, meaning two cents of that dollar are for labor. If native born Americans were used for picking California lettuce instead of undocumented immigrants, the price of lettuce would go up ten percent making lettuce $1.08. This is all because Americans demand a higher salary, for the work they do than foreigners. We’re quite spoiled. Those who immigrate into America expect to establish permanent residence. The common reason immigrants move to America, are often because of our economy, however religious and political factors are also taken into account. High rates of immigration are oftentimes conducted by militant, and occasionally, aggressive calls of action for immigration restriction or deportation by nationalist groups.
Many people ask just how many illegal immigrants populate America. According to the DHS office of immigration statistics, it is estimated to be 11.4 million unauthorized immigrants that currently reside in the United States. Illegal immigration has always been an issue in the pass, but is an even more serious problem in today 's world. The United States government has been trying to find a resolution for this critical problem for years. American companies that hire immigrants without the correct paper work and visas would be punished according to the Immigration Reform Act that was created…

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