Essay about Theu.s. Canada And The United States

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n Canada and the United States, the citizens believe that the crime rate is climbing and continues to climb. On the other hand, the crime rate is decreasing and has been since the 1900 's.Since Citizens believe it is climbing than why is it actually decreasing? History seems to have the answers many early criminologists came up with theories that explained crime rate falling and increasing. Many researchers have also conducted studies that explain why the crime rate has fallen. Those reasons are imprisonment, age, attachment, economy, laws, and imprisonment. The theories that can explain this are Hirschi attachment theory, Moffits taxonomy development theory, Merton 's social strain theory, and Lemert 's secondary deviation theory, early classical school theories.

The first explanation that will be explained is the attachment to other things besides crime.Sandeep Mishra and Martin Lalumiere(2008) discuss the fact that kids are not dropping out of schools like the used to both in Canada and the United states. This means that they are attached to school activities and they are not ignoring long-term goals of getting a good education or a good job (p.44). Since kids are not dropping out of school, they are less likely to engage in drug use and selling drugs and engaging in risky behavior (p.45). Hirschi explained this reason of crime rate dropping earlier on in history when he conducted his social bonding theory. He states that when people have attachments to other people so,…

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