Embryonic Stem Cells

If anyone has ever been severely injured, seriously ill or has cancer, stem cells may help repair the damage or cure the disease. For instance, a leukemia patient can undergo a stem cell transplant and be cured of cancer. Stem cell research has made several advances in the medical field. It has helped and even cured many people with serious diseases and illnesses. Even though stem cell research has benefited many people, it has also been associated with negative controversy. Stem cell research has a long history of controversy. Stem cells have been used in medical research to advance the medical community in finding cures for many diseases and treating illnesses. There are ethical and moral issues surrounding stem cell research. This …show more content…
Adult stem cells are limited in differentiating and can not become all the cell types. Adult cells can divide and renew itself, where embryonic stem cells can not. Another difference between these two cells is that embryonic stem cells are pluripotent and adults stem cells are not. Pluripotent means that these cells are derived from the three germ layers and all tissues and organs are developed from these cells, which means they have the capacity to turn into any cell type in the entire body (What are Embryonic Stem cells?). Embryonic cells are borrowed from embryos that have been developed from eggs. They are also generated from transferring cells. Adult stem cells are multipotent. Multipotent means they can produce into specific and limited cell types (What are Adult Stem cells?). Adult cells are identified in different tissues and organs and are specialized in becoming a particular part of the body. The organs adult cells are found in are the brain, bone marrow, skin, teeth, heart, gut, and …show more content…
When using stem cells, it advances medical research and medicines in various reasons. They also have the ability to treat very serious diseases and even cure cancer. Stem cells can advance in medications. They are able to test for new drugs and treat many illnesses.

Arguments Against Using Stem Cells in Biomedical Research and Medicine There are a lot of arguments facing the use of stem cells. They are very expensive and it can also be hard to get to the cells. Stem cell technologies are very expensive and could only be available to certain people and countries. This is a big argument with financial reasons. Another argument is with religious concerns. This creates are big argument between people because some think that divine creation is not right in any way. Ethical concerns that a human life is destroyed. Some may not like the fact that stem cells destroy human embryos (Stem cell research—why is it regarded as a threat?).

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