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Teacher Tip #1

Students can record themselves reading a book from their home computer. Have them record a favorite story with bells or dings to signal page turning (the Next button) and allow younger siblings to listen to the read-aloud while following along.
Teacher Tip #2

When students have read and listened to all books in their assignment/level, assign a running record for a Benchmark Book or Benchmark Passage to determine student accuracy and readiness to move to the next level. (If Raz-Kids is used during centers, have the student record their reading.)
Teacher Tip #3

Use the Assignment report to see at a glance how much of the current assignment a student has completed and whether it may be time to assess a student's
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Teacher Tip #11

Raz-Kids materials provide engaging at-home reading practice for students who are out of the classroom for long absences.
Teacher Tip #12

Students can access Raz-Kids to hear modeled fluency and practice reading from any computer with Internet access--at home, at the library, on wifi-enabled tablets ... anywhere.
Teacher Tip #13

Did you know that all the books on Raz-Kids can also be downloaded and printed from our sister site Use Raz-Kids with the printed books to model fluency for small-group skill instruction.
Teacher Tip #14

Did you know that our sister site, VocabularyA-Z supports the vocabulary from the online books with customized vocabulary lessons, word work activities, and assessments?
Teacher Tip #15

Add fun to Raz-Kids assignments by creating treasure hunts for each level. For example: Find two things you need to make salsa. (Making Salsa Level C); Find someone who gets lost at school. (Gordon Finds His Way Level G); Find the important person who had a pet raccoon. (White House Pets Level F)
Teacher Tip #16

Use Raz-Kids with ESL students to powerfully reinforce the connection between the written and spoken word.
Teacher Tip #17

Laminate lists of 'Room ___ Favorites' to help students make choices in the Book Room.
Teacher Tip #18

Write students' names on plastic cups. Stack them on top of the computer in the classroom. The student whose

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