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Online Lending

Online Lending
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Build your loan portfolio.

Reduce operating costs and errors. Mitigate risk with real-time automated credit bureau integration.

With Online Lending, your loan office is open for business 24x7.


Maximize Revenue
Grow your loan portfolio and build long-term, income-producing relationships.
Online Lending is a powerful, economical way to add the Internet channel to your loan pipeline, setting the stage for dramatic growth in loan revenues. Online Lending builds loan production in three ways. First, by placing your loan operations online and converting the application process into an anytime, anywhere activity, Online Lending greatly
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In addition, your branch personnel can use the Intranet version to complete loan applications accurately and efficiently without additional training. And with optional real-time host integration, keying is kept to a minimum and rekeying eliminated completely. Application fields are prefilled with consumer information drawn directly from your host system, while applications are automatically written to the host system once a decision has been rendered. Whether you choose our hosted or on-premises solution, Online Lending puts you in control of the lending process.

The Smart Way to Automate the Lending Process
Online, at the Call Center, or in the Branch Multitiered, Risk-Based Pricing Real-Time Integration with Credit Bureau Services Real-Time Host System Integration Intelligent Cross-Sell & Upsell Management & Reporting

Mitigate Risk

On-Premises or Hosted

Apply your loan origination rules in real time with unprecedented consistency and minimize your credit risk.
Online Lending gives you the best of both worlds. Its highly configurable decision engine can implement the most sophisticated lending strategies, accommodating multiple credit matrices and ensuring that consumers are presented with products that meet their risk profile. At the same time, its real-time integration with credit bureau services provides the up-to-the-minute information that’s vital in avoiding credit risk and reducing delinquency rates. Online Lending is

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