Thesis Statement : Thesis Statements Essay

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Jared Marburger Composition One Final Exam

1- Thesis statements are very important in any paper because it tells the reader/audience what the writer is going to talk about in the essay or speech. The thesis is also important because it gives the audience a reason to read the rest of the essay and lets them know why the subject at hand is important. Thesis statements are important in position-based papers because the thesis statement will let the audience know what your position is on a subject instantly. Overall thesis statements help organize the body paragraphs and it inform the reader what is going to be discussed in the following body paragraphs.

2- Tanishia has committed plagiarism in her research paper because the information the she is using is most likely not common knowledge. Since she has retrieved the information from a web page she must cite the information in her paper, even though she changed a few words she will still have to cite because the information is unique.

3- A writer should avoid using second person in a paper because in formal papers the writer does not want to address the reader. In addition, saying “you” could possibly offend the reader. For example, if the writer says something like, “you guys never take care of your bodies, that is why the United States is known for being fat”. This could offend someone and should be reworded. Avoiding 1st person in a research-based paper is very important because one of the main purpose of research-based…

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