Thesis Statement On Road Rage

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“What the hell is wrong with you,” has to be my favorite phrase while driving. Along with a select choice of curse words, I would prefer not to mention. Over the years I have noticed drivers becoming more and more aggressive, myself included. It could be said that road rage is caused by people with anger issues. Which is only a part of the problem. The truth is there are so many more factors to road rage. nearly every driver suffers from road rage, or have been on the receiving end. Once we enter our cars, some of us feel invisible, and believe that everyone needs move out of our way. which in turn has negative consequences, on ones well being and those of others around us. Road rage is extremely dangerous, there have been done right fist fights on the side of the road because someone cut someone else off. People have even lost their lives due to road rage. Could there be more to road rage other than anger? Could there be an underline medical issue, which causes road rage? These are questions I want to know the answer to. …show more content…
Albrecht, S. (1991). The psychology of road rage. Retrieved October 14, 2016, from
In the article The psychology of road rage, by Steve Albrecht (1991), Albrecht talks about the differences between men and women’s aggression. He also explains how, when both sexes are behind the wheel, their aggression levels are equal. Albrecht goes in to what the consequences are for having road rage, and what can happen, and gives ways to avoid road rage. I am not going to use this article in my research paper. Although it was well written and had interesting information. It did not have enough information for me to use in my research essay.
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