Thesis Statement On Police Brutality

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Register to read the introduction… It can be defined as a crime on many different levels. Police brutality and the use of excessive force is an occupational crime because, according to Friedrichs, it is a "violation of the legal codes in the course of activity in a legitimate occupation" (1996:96). Police brutality is a direct violation of the laws within the police force. The use of force is also a direct violation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution regarding cruelty and protection of the laws. Police are given a great deal of trust by people that they will act with honor and integrity. They also have a certain amount of respectability for the position police hold and the power that comes with their position. An act of brutality abuses this power and violates the trust placed upon the police and their position. The violation of these three attributes are key elements of white collar crime (Friedrichs 1996:11, 12-13, 141-143). Police brutality is a criminal act regardless of the extent and it is affected by the organizational practices of police departments. I am going to use the Rodney King case to examine my thesis and to apply it to my knowledge of white collar crime. The following are compiled accounts of police brutality cases which have left the victims in a state of emotional and physical stress, and in some cases the victims did not survive. Most brutality cases occur during the course of arrest, disputes or other incidents in the street or public places. Some even occur while the victim has already been constrained and is in police custody either on the way to the station or while at the station (AIUSA Police Brutality …show more content…
Officer Volpe erroneously believed that a man named Abner Louima had done this. While handcuffed in the squad car, officer Volpe and another officer struck Louima in the face with their fists. When they returned to the station, officer Volpe and another officer then shoved a wooden stick up Louima’s rectum, and then held it in his face. Louima who had nothing to do with knocking the officer down, was arrested and tortured. The officers involved threatened Louima not to tell anyone and then tried to cover up their excessive use of force. Officer Volpe violated Brooklyn police codes on force, and Louima’s civil rights. (Petterson,

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