Benefits Of Being A Veterinarian

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Sample Draft Outline

I. Introduction A: Thesis Statement: Being a veterinarian is a superb career choice because of great interactions with varied types of animals, the amounts of aid you can supply for them, and the great feeling of helping the injured or sickly animals to their health.

II. History of career A: Veterinary work has been around since human beings and animals first interacted, worked, and lived together. 1: “People that study history have found Chinese writing about the diseases of horses, oxen, and buffalo that go all the way back to about 2,500 B.C. Some 4,000 year old Indian art show some men caring for their horses and elephants. The Ancient Egyptian art shows how they
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Job Description: Duties Required A: Depends on the area they want to work in 1: “Many veterinarians treat small companion animals. As a small animal vet, you may perform services such as spraying and neutering, setting broken bones, treating wounds and providing geriatric care for older pets. You might also take X-rays and dispense prescription medicine for animals with illness…” IV. 2: “Veterinarians who care for large animals often engage in production medicine, which involves treating an entire heard to prevent disease. As a large animal vet, you may also advise farm owners on animal feeding and production concerns, as well as maintain sanitary conditions. Working in food inspection as a veterinarian, you must ensure that animals are free of communicable diseases. Your duties might include placing animals in quarantine and investigating meat processing facilities to ensure they are in a compliance with government regulations...” V. Famous/Well know figures A: (Past) Louise J. …show more content…
They must communicate effectively and clearly with animal owners, visitors and the veterinary team. Veterinary assistants need to convey information to pet owners on the phone or in person, as well as coordinate schedules with veterinarians and the office staff. Ethical and legal standards must always be applied to issues in the veterinary office.” 3:” A veterinary assistant should demonstrate the ability to identify the major breeds of various animals. They must be willing to work with a wide range of different animals and provide direct care to any pets staying in the clinic. Feeding, walking and changing pet bedding are some duties of a veterinary assistant, especially if there is a boarding kennel on-site. They must also have a basic understanding of animal behavior and be capable of identifying different signs of illness or

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