Psychological And Medical Reasons For Abortion

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Brianna Hardy
ENG 112.0004
Mrs. B. Peterson
October 12, 2017
Thesis statement: There are psychological and medical reasons woman abort a pregnancy whether unwanted or not, which necessitate a woman’s right to choose to keep the pregnancy or not.
I. Psychological
A. Rape victims terminate pregnancy
B. Not mature to handle pregnancy or child
II. Medical
A. The pregnancy can lead to death of woman or child
B. Prevent the birth of a child with birth defects
III. Woman’s right
A. Woman should have the right to their own body
B. Failed contraception, financially can’t afford child

Abortion has always been a controversial subject in the United States for decades. Many debates on whether a fetus should be considered a person and
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Woman who go through psychological situations such as rape, or mentally not mature to handle a child shouldn’t be forced to carry that burden. An unwanted pregnancy from rape can be a mentally, emotionally, and physically injury to the woman (Bridges 471). An unwanted pregnancy due to rape is considered an injury and a woman getting an abortion is the healing from that injury. “In the former case, a woman's body has been invaded twice—by the rape and then again by the pregnancy. She must wrestle with whether to carry the child of her rapist to term and experience the emotional and physical fallout from that choice.” (Bridges 477). Being that the woman already under went the trauma of being raped, it should be her decision to abort the fetus or not. A woman shouldn’t be judged for having an abortion, keeping the fetus will only cause more mental and emotional damage to the woman. In various of letters woman described their emotions towards an unwanted pregnancy. Woman described feelings such as being terrified and feeling helpless. “An unwanted fetus, no less than an unwanted penis, invades my body, violates my physical boundaries, occupies my body and can potentially destroy my sense self…. the physical and existential invasion occasioned by unwanted pregnancy and intercourse are real harms…. An unwanted pregnancy is disastrous….” (Bridges …show more content…
Sometimes woman can undergo medical problems due to abnormal progress in the pregnancy, health conditions with the woman, or fetal abnormalities such as birth defects. When some women are faced with an abnormal pregnancy it is recommended that she gets an abortion. Carrying out an abnormal pregnancy can do much harm to a woman’s body, health issues such as maternal complications, from uterine, systemic infection or even a hemorrhage. Going through an abnormal pregnancy can also cause a financial strain. When a fetal congenital birth defect is presented in a pregnancy it is highly recommended to have an abortion. "Some fetal birth defects are incompatible with life and often end in death of the newborn shortly after birth. Other congenital abnormalities severely affect the quality of a child's life or shorten their life-expectancy." (Ruddock). Birth defects can be diagnosed in early stages of pregnancy by genetic testing or by ultrasound. Having a baby that can possibly be born as a still-born or die after a short life span can psychologically damage a woman mentally and physically. If a woman's medical condition worsens while pregnant that becomes life threatening an immediate termination will be recommended. Since the fetus isn't considered a life until the third trimester the woman's life is put first before the fetus. A woman that is undergoing

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