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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND This chapter presents the background of the study, problem andits significance, and the scope and delimitation of the study.
Over the years, there had been a growing concern in thedevelopment of oral communication among second-language learners with
1Sample 1 regards to the deterioration of their oral English skills.
Many have voicedtheir sentiments on the needs to strengthen every student’s grasp of theEnglish language.
According to Rama (2000), the main reason why theFilipinos are employed abroad is their ability to speak and understand Englishand so when all countries in the world struggle to learn English, we Filipinosshould not unlearn it. English is a global
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In its desire to give students exposure in the use of English language in oral communication, the administration has on severalinstances directed the faculty and staff to use the English language in theirdealings with students. In an August 2002 memorandum to all the New EraUniversity workers, Dr. Corazon C. Osorio, President, reiterated the need tostrengthen skills in English as a second language. She enjoined allemployees to transact business in English and all department heads to applyeffective measures to encourage all their colleagues to cooperate in thisendeavor communicating in English. Many students prefer to keep quiet in class forfear that when they speak, they might commit errors in grammarpronunciation, and that their classmates might laugh at them.
This isalarming most especially when a student is in an Oral Communication classand the whole semester slips away without a word from a very shy student.English 3 which is Oral Communication at the New Era Universityaims at making every student gain confidence in oral communicationthrough practice. To achieve this end, the researcher developed a dramaproduction-based module as a means to improve their oral communicationskills in English.
Drama production could prove to be a very good vehicle toexpose students to oral communication practicNo one perhaps can question the universal appeal and impactdrama can make. Drama sparks wonder that creates a multitude of humanreactions such as

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