Essay on Thesis on the Unilateral Damage Caused by Vestubla Stroke

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There are different ways in which international migrants can gain protection and/or rights. First is the protection that exists for refugees under the terms of the 1951 Geneva Convention. Under the Convention, a refugee is defined as someone who, ‘owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion is outside the country of his nationality …’. Being a refugee means being unable to seek protection in your country of nationality because of a fear of persecution and so refugee status brings with it the protection of the international community. One of the ways in which potential refugees access protection is by seeking asylum, at …show more content…
The idea of international citizens, transnational citizens and post-national citizens, in theory, brings notions of citizenship into the international human rights arena (Basok et al., 2006). However, as this article shows, new concepts of citizenship do not enable equal access to rights and so in practice they do nothing to safeguard undocumented migrants from exploitation and vulnerability. Somers notes that undocumented migrants, ‘… have no real right to have rights … They are in effect indentured servants – at once rightless and exploited’ (2008: 22).
The empirical data presented in this article reveal a segmented labour market and exploitation, with undocumented migrants not benefiting from international protection, human rights, nation state citizenship rights or rights associated with the more recent concepts of post-national and transnational citizenship.
Zimbabwean undocumented migrants are shown to be marginalized and vulnerable with limited transnational capabilities, which in turn limits remittance activities and therefore negatively impacts on families in Zimbabwe who are dependent on the remittances of those living in South Africa, as well as elsewhere in the diaspora.
234 Sociology Volume 44  Number 2  April 2010
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The Research Context: Migration from
Zimbabwe to South Africa
Zimbabweans who

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