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A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Postgraduate Board January 2002

University of New South Wales

Please note: the web version does not contain two sections of the printed version. The differences are due to differing formats which makes it impossible to convert some pages into a PDF format. Missing are a mock up of a UNSW Thesis/Project Report Sheet and the information in Appendix IV. A copy of the printed guide can be sent to you if you email your address to
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The advice given in these pages should be seen as generally applicable to all research theses produced at the University of New South Wales. This booklet was produced by the Postgraduate Board of the University of New South Wales (PGB) and draws on the knowledge and experience of many present and former research students of this University. The PGB hopes that the advice and guidance offered in this work will contribute to the successful completion of your research thesis.


This is the sixth edition of Practical Aspects of Producing a Thesis at the University of New South Wales. While this work draws heavily on the experience of a large number of past and present research students at the University of New South Wales, we remain indebted to our colleagues at The University of Sydney’s Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) for their assistance and generosity as this work was originally based on SUPRA’s publication the Practical Aspects of Producing a Thesis. Thanks are also due to Mary McBean and Trish Kemp, who compiled the section on Avoiding Overuse Injuries.


Table of Contents
Page Number ABSTRACT Acknowledgements Table of Contents List of Special Names List of Abbreviations 1. INTRODUCTION 2. WRITING A THESIS Research and Writing Skills The Role of the Supervisor

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