There 's Nothing New Under The Sun Essay

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There are a plethora of fascinating and thought-provoking poems in this collection by Szymborska. But when taking into account the author’s personality (best reflected in the Nobel Lecture at the beginning of the book) there is one clear standout, “Maybe All This”. In her speech, Szymborska discusses a poem penned by Ecclesiastes, “‘There’s nothing new under the sun’: that’s what you wrote...But you yourself were born new under the sun” (xvii). In this example Szymborska seems almost naively hopeful about humanity. This information makes “Maybe All This” all the more interesting. The quote from her speech points to a hopeful outlook on humanity by Szymborska, but in this poem she also makes compelling arguments the other way. In the poem Szymborska analyzes if humans truly matter in the backdrop of a scientific lab. In “Maybe All This” Szymborska uses scientific diction, rhetorical questions and literary devices to reflect on the significance, or lack thereof, of human existence. One of the most interesting aspects of this poem is the backdrop of the poem. It is set in a scientific lab which stands in stark contrast against the topic of the poem: the worth of human existence. The poem opens with, “Maybe all this is happening in some lab” (Szymborska 248). This debate on the significance of human existence occurs against a cold laboratory environment. Throughout the poem Szymborska is consistent with her use of scientific diction, “plucked up by tweezers” (248). This is not…

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