There 's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch Essay

1878 Words Jan 27th, 2016 8 Pages
“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Milton Friedman published a book with this very title in 1975. Is it not a great example of how the world works? When it comes down to it, lunch is being paid by someone. That very “free” lunch is costing someone something. It may not be the recipient, or even the person giving it to them, but someone is paying for it. This all comes to show how the economy, and even the world, works. America’s government has gone through many different stances on this statement over the years and is still pushing and pulling the idea of free healthcare for their people through the system. It may seem like a no brainer to some, but allow all the evidence to be presented side by side and it is quite a challenge to pick a simple yes or no answer. This leads to an uneasy middle ground that many find themselves in and provides a wide grey area for change to be implemented. In short, the idea of free healthcare, and the argument around it, has helped create many of the institutions known today, along with shaping the understanding of how to run a business, interact with one another, and helping create a sense of security within the American people.
The push for universal coverage is based on the appealing premise that everyone should have access to the best healthcare possible whenever they need it. That soft-hearted aspiration, however, runs into the hard-headed reality that state of the art health care is increasingly expensive. At some point, someone…

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