There 's No Place Like : The Making Of The Wizard Of Oz Essay

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There’s No Place Like: The Making of the Wizard of Oz. The 1930’s was an era of abundant economic hardships as a result of the stock-market crash in October 1929. This event did not hinder men, woman, and children from obtaining a way to be entertained, such as listening to the radio, observing sports teams, and watching movies. As many people were suffering through the Great Depression, Hollywood progressed into it’s Golden Age. The Wizard of Oz is a fairy tale film released in 1939 that in any form is beloved by all resulting in it becoming an American classic. The Wizard of Oz motion picture is based on The Wizard of Oz book. The novel was created by L. Frank Baum, who eventually wrote fourteen books about the enchanting land of Oz (Baum back cover). Baum had an ample imagination that lead him to be the author of the first great American fairy tale. He is the originator of the legacy that emerged from his novel, which encompassed movies, plays, merchandise, and much more. He conveys the story of a young girl dwelling in Kansas who abruptly finds herself in Oz and yearns to return home (Baum 1). She has to follow the Yellow Brick Road to get to the Wizard who will aid her. She is able to arrive in Oz, but is disappointed by what she finds. Dorothy travel with her friends, the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion (Baum 113). Each joins Dorothy to travel to Oz for different reasons, such as the Tin Woodman for a heart, the Scarecrow for a brain, and the…

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