There Were Two Funeral Cars Essay

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There were two funeral cars. Jane said she wanted to go with Antonello and Paolina. Raes’ parents went in the other car with Rae and Alex. Nicki and her son Thomas, Rae’s sisters and their families, made their own way to the chapel at the Altona cemetery. No one said anything about which route they might take, but someone must have alerted the funeral directors, and so they avoided Whitehall and Hyde Streets, the freeway and the Westgate Bridge.
Paolina wore a black dress, black stockings and shoes. If Ashleigh was alive she would’ve teased her grandmother about being dressed in black.
‘You’re a Goth,’ she would’ve said, ‘just missing a tattoo and a few piercings.’ And if it wasn’t Ashleigh that was dead but some elderly relative, Alex, Rae and Nicki would’ve all said something - Oh mum no one wears all black for mourning anymore - like they did when Paolina’s mother died and she’d insisted on wearing black for three months like the old Italians did, even though Paolina was born in Australia, and had, for most of her life, rebelled against the old ways.
‘My mother would appreciate it,’ she’d insisted when Antonello and Nicki had joined forces – a rare occurrence – to protest.
‘Your mother would be shocked,’ Antonello responded.
‘Are you saying I was a bad daughter?’
‘No, of course not but they knew you did not go for all those old traditions.’
‘Well I have changed my mind. Sometimes traditions and rituals are important.’
‘Even if you don’t believe them?’

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