There Should Not Be A Death Penalty Essay

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There Should Not be a Death Penalty
There is 15,000 to 17,000 murders committed a year, of that 122 people are executed (“The Facts”). The death penalty is not enforced indefinitely, or constitutionally. For example, the VIII amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, contradicting the punishment of the men on death row (“Cruel and”) . Along with that, of the 1,442 executions since 1976, 144 have been exonerated as being innocent (“Executions by”). Therefore, it shows that there is more than just a possibility that innocent men are being executed. Which, is a risk to all Americans putting innocent lives at risk. This behavior has been seen before, in England. The royalty of England have decided who lived and died biasedly for years, which is why America was founded on freedom and rights. However, these foundational rights are being stolen from the condemned criminals when they are sentenced to death. While this practice may have been socially acceptable in the past, the evolvement of America should justify eliminating the death penalty.
Since the conception of the death penalty, there has been more than a few cases of innocent men being prosecuted. For example, of the 144 men exonerated since 1976, it is speculated that 340 additional people should have been released as well (Maron). This estimate shows more than twice the men exonerated were possibly innocent. One factor of the high number of wrongly convicted inmates is perjury. Perjury is when you lie under oath,…

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