There Is So Much Truth Behind The Saying `` Every Rose Has It 's Thorn '

1105 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
There is so much truth behind the saying, “Every rose has it’s thorn”. It’s the perfect juxtaposition of beauty and pain; the thought of it alone speaks volumes. The thorns bring a perfect balance to the rose without taking away any of its beauty. The rough, dangerous look of the thorns carry uncertainty and fear. Like an animal’s natural instinct, you are cautious before making the approach in fear that danger is ahead. But, the beauty and elegance of the rose petals pulls you in. The delicate petals provide a warmth so sweet and gentle that even Grandma’s hugs might get a run for it’s money. Even the scent of the rose can tickle you pink! Like a rose, New York City is the perfect mix of beauty and pain. The weaknesses and strengths of the city go hand in hand together, as if they were fighting a crime. Without this, New York City would not be the magical vibrant city that we all know and love.
I see the city as a supernatural being. It lives, breathes, and speaks like we all do. Like an X-man, the city is powerful and inspiring to everyone it comes in contact with. New York has the ability to inspire. It’s a place filled with opportunity and success. It is a concrete jungle where your wildest dreams can come true. New York is the epitome of what the “American Dream” is all about. It’s a place that you work tirelessly every day and night to reach success. There will be times when you’re so close to giving up, but being in a city so grand makes it impossible to think that…

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