There Is A Motive Behind Cheating Essay

2007 Words Oct 28th, 2016 9 Pages
There is a motive behind cheating. In fact, many reasons. Some of them include that they believe that they will not pass. Also, pressure by others, maybe workload can be too heavy , the pressure from parents into passing, too many assessments in one day, professor might have also not explained as well for the student to be able to understand the content ,or maybe the pressure of having a good job . A good job means good grades. Another motive might be unfair teachers. There might be unfair test meaning a test on work content that you have not studied on. Another reason can be harsh grading. This means that maybe you have a little part of the question misunderstood and the professor would mark it wrong or ect. Another reason might be the student itself. He or she may have not studied the content that they were supposed to. Another reason might be the fact that the student was absent the day when some notes or content was given. Others may influence cheating as well. Students or others may think that cheating is “helping” a friend or being “loyal” to a group. Which in reality “helping” is showing them different way to study. Some may think that a reason why they should cheat is because they have the opportunity. This means the instructor or professor has stepped out or either was not watching. They have seen an opportunity when other students did not cover their papers. Last but not least , cheating may also be caused by campus ethos. This is meaning a campus or society…

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