Essay on There Are Two Types Of People

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I believe there are two types of people. Those who question nothing, and those who question everything. For better or for worse, I reside in the second group. Although there are countless questions swimming around in my head, and innumerable problems I wish to solve, the one that holds the most precedence is this; The condition of orphans throughout the globe. This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to help in several orphanages in Niger, Africa. Not only did this experience completely change my perspective, it altered all of my ambitions. I found myself learning some of life’s most valuable lessons from the most unlikely of mediums. The children I encountered while in Niger never ceased to amaze me with their profound actions. Their constant joy was contagious. While there, I realized that helping other cultures was more than building schools, donating money and providing medical relief. While all of these are necessary, without a foundation of genuine love, they may go unaccepted. When entering a new culture, particularly one that is vastly different than your own, it is easy to appear to be pretentious. Without first creating a relationship, it is challenging to offer assistance. To truly impact a culture, you must immerse yourself in the language and customs. Before you can solve a problem, you must first understand the problem. I would love to say that there is a simple way to prevent overflowing orphanages throughout the world, but there is not. The factors…

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