Therapeutic Communication Essay

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Assessment Task 1 – Written Reflection

I believe that therapeutic communication is a form of psychotherapy in which the person doing face to face interviewing consciously uses strategies that encourage the patient to express feelings andideas and that convey acceptance and respect they are achieved through advancing the physical and emotional well-being of a patient in a non-judgmental way, while showing empathy and concern. The aim of therapeutic communication is to increase self-worth or decrease emotions such as anxiety and anger by putting together information to determine the illness. Ufema, J. (2008). More than just hand-holding. Nursing, 38(12). doi:10.1097/01.nurse.0000342039.82567.3a

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She used Empathy by trying to show that she understood what the lady was going through. She shared hope by communicating a “sense of possibility” an example of this is when she talked the babies’ heart beat and confirms to the woman that the babies’ heart rate is very good.

The midwifed tried to help the patient and her partner to express emotions by making observations, acknowledging their feeling feelings, and encouraging communication. The midwife used touch throughout the interview, for example she held the ladies hand as she asked if she was okay and how she was coping, it was especially important for her to do this as she was very vulnerable. She used silence for the mother and partner to fully understand their situation and observe one another. She told them information that was relevant to their situation for example she explained the dangers for gettong a CT scan for the baby but also espressed the importance for the health of the mother to have the scan done this nformation was important for decision making, so they experience less anxiety, and to feel safe and secure.

The Midwife showed commitment to the patient by offering further help and comforting the patient and her partner by saying that she will check up on her later on in the day and that she will get another doctor to come in and check on the mother and baby. The midwife made

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