Theory X & Y : Analysis Essay

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1. A) A specific lesson from the book that supports theory X & Y is the one-minute manager stating that managers must be both result-oriented (theory x) and people-oriented (theory y). He states that people and results go hand in hand in order to make the organization successful.
B) An example of this would be when the one-minute manager points out the restaurant that provides service (quantity) gets more customers than the other one because it also provides quality products and services. He states that people contribute to both quantity and quality, therefore they need a manager who is both theory x and y. Another example of theory x & y could be the one-minute manger himself. He is a theory x when he strictly pressures the young man to make his own decision of who to talk to, yet uses theory y when he offers encouraging words afterwards.
A) A specific lesson from the book that supports Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is when the one-minute manager says managers must catch employees doing something right in order for them to reach their potential. This satisfies people’s esteem needs because it makes them feel good about themselves and their ability when they get praised.
B) A specific example would be when Paul mentions that the manager observes his team when they begin a new project and praises them when they do something right. Paul says that he knows he’s earned the praises and that it builds his confidence, which ultimately helps him deal with the changing environment.…

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