Theory X and Y Essay

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You have just been promoted to supervisor of a large department in your company. The previous supervisor was terminated because of low morale and performance of his department. You had been attending night school to earn your bachelor's degree in management and remember, from one of your courses, how important it is to listen to your employees. Before coming in and making wholesale changes, you have spent the first several weeks on the job meeting casually with each employee about his or her views on the company, the department, and his or her own work efforts. Although you receive a lot of varying feedback, one common thread of employee concern is the very autocratic approach that the former supervisor used when dealing with his …show more content…
Theory X assumes that employees are lazy and need directions in order to keep working. It also states that employees are incapable for working alone. It also claims employees are no good at problem solving (Kopelman, 2008). It says employee do not like work and will avoid any type of responsibilities but do desire security and that is why they work (Thompson, 2011). It assumes employees go to work only because they need to security of the money received in order to live well. Theory Y states that employees are not lazy and are capable of self-direction. It also states that they are capable of self-control and can provide important ideas to the organization. This theory regards rewards as a good thing and allows employees the opportunity to be involved in the decision making (Kopelman, 2008). It states employees like work because they can develop their skills. It also states that employees can advance the organizations goals (Thompson, 2011). It assumes that employees go to work because they want to and are satisfied with their achievements and have self-respect.
-- Theory X
- Pros
Quick Decisions
Employees are told what work to do and it gets done
- Cons
Lack of respect among employees and manager
Assumes employees are lazy

-- Theory Y
- Pros
Sees employees is a good way
Employees involved in decisions
Satisfied employees
Employee who

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