Essay on Theory X And Theory Y Management

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This report is written for the research for Company XYZ and the findings of Theory X and Theory Y Management. Douglas McGregor defined the two types of managers to be categorized by Theory X and Theory Y. “According to the first theory (X), the employees dislike and even avoid work and therefore will find themselves in an environment which is difficult to control while according to the second theory (Y) the organisational activity is a source of personal satisfaction” (Simionel, 2011). There are two types of leadership styles and two types of leader behaviors; leaders who focus on employees completing a task and leaders who focus on employee’s emotions to complete a task. For example, leader task oriented may disconnect from the human and focus on the task at hand. However, leader who is employee oriented will focus on training, demonstrating and ensuring that the employee is clear on the task at hand.


The leader that is “employee-centered” is able to learn more about the employee’s capabilities and provide positive motivation. In addition, this type of leader will be able to improve on communication and prompt customer service skills from the employees.

A disconnect to humans is not evident for the leader that is “production-centered”, however, this manager behavior displays a commitment to complete the task and work assignments. Every leader has a different method of motivating employees and contributing towards the success of the…

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