Theory Of Power And Social Construction Essay

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To effectively interpret theorist conceptualizations of power we must first understand power as a social construction. This is an important concept to acknowledge when attempting to understand the role of power in both Marxism and Anarchism. We must acknowledge each theories different idea of power distributions between individuals and authorities. Despite Marxist and Anarchist similarities they differ in ideas of the role of ‘the state’ and they conceptualize the use of power structures differently, one through direct action and the other through expecting capitalism’s own self-destruction. Williams and Shantz and Karl Marx offer different ways to understand power; both works raise questions regarding how we can dismantle, redistribute, or reproduce power structures as individuals. Individuals create and reproduce power structures. Because power structures are socially constructed, individuals possess the power to recreate them. Individuals have the power and autonomy to change the power structure and dynamics of the social world and make them better (Berger and Luckman, 1967:47-48). The idea that individuals have the autonomy to change the power structure is a form of power represented within the Anarchist Imagination. The Anarchist imagination works to help anyone “observe forms of domination in their own life and identify their roots in hierarchical systems in society” (Williams and Shantz, 2011:13). Individuals should self reflect on their place in society and the…

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