Theory Of Philosophy Vs. Philosophy Essay example

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Theory of Philosophy vs Truth of Philosophy
Although, my theories of philosophy are study of true knowledge of life, views of the universe and views on religion. Could this be the truth of what is philosophy? Prior to the first day of class, my thought was religion and what exactly is philosophy. But I was looking forward to learn what it truly meant and how I can utilize the knowledge in my life. Being anticipated, I did a brief research on what is philosophy and realize it has to deal with the way you think and reasoning. However, I thought it had something to do with the mind or under psychology as nurse positions are under a doctor’s position. Definitely, my thoughts had changed after having an experience of a short introduction of philosophy and reading the textbook during class hours. During the class, I viewed PowerPoint slideshow and it informs me the origin of the word and meaning. On the other hand, learning about the six main branches of philosophy, it shown that there is more study of the mind and views of religion. Each six branches have its breakdown selections of subjects. After reading it, I can relate to one or two that are interested. As a business major, I can appreciate Ethics from the six branches. In business ethics is the study of appropriate business procedures and practices concerning possibly provocative matters, such as corporate authority. Furthermore, my current thoughts change again on a next topic about types of arguments and how to…

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