Theory Of Mind Essay example

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Theory of Mind

In order to understand the autistic brain its assential to understand theory of mind. Theory of mind is one of the many theories that atempts to explain the causes of autism, it refers to the ability to explain and understand mental states of others. For example predicting others attitudes and beliefs towards certain things in order to predict their future behaviour and outcome (Hill & Frith, 2003 ). Most people with autism fail to recognise or predict other people’s behaviour, as well as lacking mental states of themselves, that is automatic in normally developing children (Hill & Frith, 2003). This theory sometimes refered to as “mindblindness” has been tested several times. Baron-Cohen have tested this hypothesis using two dolls, one named Sally and the other one named Ann (Hill & Frith, 2003). He demonstrated to the children that sally had a basket and Ann had a box (Hill & Frith, 2003). Sally puts a marble ball in her basket and goes outside, Ann takes the ball and puts it in her box, when sally returns where does she look ? Most normally developed four year olds can answer this question easily, sally looks for her ball where she left not where it is now ( Hill & Frith, 2003 ). however children and adolescents with autism fail to answer this question correctly (Hill & Frith, 2003). The failure to represent sally’s believes has been taken as an evidence of impaired theory of mind in autism (Hill & Frith, 2003). This theory of mind has been used in…

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