Theory Based With Limited Reliability And Validity Essay

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In healthcare, the organization readiness has been reported as an issue. Due to the absence of the brief, reliable, and valid measure to construct. There have been several attempts of measuring organizational readiness but most of the available instruments are not theory based with limited reliability and validity (Shea et al. 2014).
However, the organization readiness is a multilevel construct that can be assessed by an individual or sub-individual levels, such a team, department or organization (Shea et al, 2014). According to Shea et al (2014), there are three considerations leaders should remember when measuring the readiness for change at the team or department level. First, the items should be group referenced, for instance, “We are ready” rather than self-referenced (Shea et al, 2014). Second, the assessments should involve the multiple people from the team; for instance, “The CFO” is a single respondent will not generate valid data. Third, the agreements should be checked before aggregating an individuals’ readiness perceptions to supra individual level of analysis (Shea et al, 2014).
Sponsor Roles and Responsibilities
The change sponsor would be an executive senior leader that champion the change and support others’ efforts in making the change happen. The change sponsor role would be to champion the change, provide overall vision, direction, and resource support during the change effort, and assemble a steering committee (HumTech, 2016).
Team Structure and…

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