Essay about Theories That Have Influenced The Nursing Practice

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There are many theories that have influenced the nursing practice. But which one has had the greatest lasting effect? The nursing process is built off of the general systems theory! General systems theory is a general science theory of systematical approach. It is a holistic approach to systematical theories. It has been a basis of which many other theorists have built off. This generalized theory and approach can be very helpful in the nursing profession.
What would nursing be today if our history was different? If the history of nursing itself was different? What do the Middle Ages have to do with nursing today? The development of nursing was influenced by social, political, philosophical, religious and other historical aspects of the Middle Ages. The changes influenced by the Middle Ages has impacted the nursing profession as a whole, as well as my personal nursing career.
General Systems Theory
General systems theory was proposed by Karl Ludwig von Bertalanffy. This system is a way of looking at things as a whole, rather than in smaller, individual parts. As stated by Gregory Mitchell (1995), general systems theory is a way of viewing the world in terms of relationship and integration. Instead of focusing on substances themselves, the systems approach focuses on the organization (Mitchell, 1995). Systems are open and interact with their environments causing a continual evolution (Heylighen & Josyln, 1992). A change in one area will cause a change in another area. The…

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