Theories That Can Help Define Personality Essay

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Personality is a popular dimension to study in the world of psychology. Many psychologists have different views of what they would consider as something important in creating theories that can help define personality. The definition of personality varies depending on the beliefs and assumptions of those studying it. (Unit 1 Introduction.) The requirements that I would believe would make a theory of personality feasible would be theories that are universal and apply to everyone, as well as, theories that give you new insight into yourself or other people. Throughout this paper, ten of the psychologists that we’ve been researching will be analyzed based on their impact in the realm of personality. The theory that created the least impact based on the priorities stated above was the theory created by Dollard and Miller, which caused them to rank as number ten on this list. Dollard and Miller attempted to integrate behavioral and psychoanalytic concepts, a difficult task to perform. (Unit 10 Part II Introduction.) They based their theory on the idea that people live life motivated toward a goal. When an obstacle arises to block the goal, people will become frustrated, leading most of the time toward aggression. (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2011.) According to Dollard and Miller, the link between frustration and aggression is based on the idea that life can be difficult. When a person is not able to react toward the cause of anger and frustration, aggression can be displaced. (Kahn…

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