Theories On How The Earth Essay

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Theories on how the Earth was Created
Throughout the centuries, mankind has always been curious towards how everything was created. Over the years, numerous theories were introduced to the world on the concepts of Earth as well as its origins. Mankind has always made strives in scientifically proving fact from fiction in answering the age-old question: How was Earth Created? After centuries have pasted, the Nebular Hypothesis was generated based on numerous experiments, and archeological studies from around the world. Contrary to these discoveries, civilizations have also produced their very own doctrines that continue to live on, through countless stories and legends told throughout the ages on how Earth was forged. All of these stories and mythologies through the worldview of Christianity have come to be know as the Six-Day Creation Theory. As these two viewpoints continue to baffle scholars and enthusiasts everywhere, one must compare and contrast the two to gain a better understanding of the origins of creation itself, which in term is exactly what this document is intended to do.
Old-Earth Secular View To begin, we must first analyze each theory to gain a better understanding of the two starting with the Nebular Hypothesis. The Nebular Hypothesis or the “Big Bang Theory” is the most widely accepted thesis among the scientific minds within the cosmology field. This view emphasizes the formation and development of our entire solar system through as series…

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