Emile Durkheim's Theories Of Egoistic Suicide

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introduction Durkheim wrote an enduring volume called Suicide: The study of sociology 1897. In this volume, he divided suicide into four groups Egotistic, Altruistic, Anomic and Fatalistic. In this essay, I will be discussing Durkheim categories of suicide and provide examples.
Emile Durkheim (1859-1917) was born in France and became a sociologist he was also one of the founders of modern sociology, his main interest was in religion he taught philosophy in the University of Bordeaux he was also one of the first to teach sociology. Durkheim researched the rate of suicide in France where he lived at the time as well as England and Denmark. While he was doing his research, he was not looking at why and how the people were committing suicide
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“Egoistic suicide, which results from lack of integration of the individual into society.” (Durkheim Suicide translated by John A. Spaulding, George Simpson Page 14 published 1951)
Egoistic suicide occurs when a person has low levels of integration in their society, for example, a woman with no husband, no children and a loner with only 1 or 2 friends is more likely to commit suicide this is called egoistic suicide. Durkheim said that people who commit egoistic suicide are people who have low self-examination. Durkheim believed that egoistic suicide occurs when the person feels declined from society and their familial bonds. Another example is people who commit egoistic suicide are people who feel isolated in their own social groups, feels like they are outsiders and by themselves.

" Durkheim discovered was that of unmarried people, particularly males, who, with less to bind and connect them to stable social norms and goals, committed suicide at higher rates than unmarried people" (Kate Hoolu 1998). A person who is depressed and not motivated to make future plans and also has a very low self-esteem in their worthlessness are very likely to commit egoistic suicide. Non-married people have a higher rate of committing suicide than married people especially non-married males with no ambition and future

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