Theories Of Scientific Management And Behavioural Science- Essay examples

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Groups are increasingly being used in organisations around the world. The intensifiying competition of organisations has led to the uptake of teams (Parris, 2013). It is the power of the group over the individual because of a ‘wider range of skills and abilities’ (Birdi, Clegg, Patterson, Robinson, Stride, Wall & Wood, 2008, p. 472) that groups can provide to organisational tasks. So as the focus shifts from the individual to the group, it becomes essential to understand how group behaviour and success is affected by different factors. This essay will define the term group and list the factors discussed in the literature that may affect group behaviour. Some factors will be exemplified by the example of Flight Centre, and detailed further. As groups become more popular, they are researched and analysed more by management theorists who attempt to incorporate them more into discussion. Two major theories of management thought- Scientific Management and Behavioural Science- will be explored. In addition, this essay will argue that behavioural science theorists will be more in favour of using groups, autonomous teams in particular, to complete tasks than those of scientific management.

Group Behaviour and success

A group encompasses two or more individuals that often interdependent on one another and are typically formed with a goal in mind (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2012). To avoid confusion, ‘group’ will also encompass ‘team’ due to the two terms being…

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