Theories Of School Violence: Causes And Remedies

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Register to read the introduction… They must be willing to discuss provocative and threatening journal writing and art projects with students and with designated school authorities who decide what actions to take to protect the student and the school.

Listening to students who express concern about another student's behavior is particularly important. Ignoring violent behavior or wanting to let "someone else" deal with the problem is a normal parental reaction. Discussing with your child ways to protect themselves is not "scaring" them unnecessarily, but is equipping your child to not be a victim. There are things you can do to help your child if the unthinkable does occur. Studies of extremely violent behavior in schools have found that those who commit high-profile acts of violence have almost always made their intentions known to peers through direct or indirect communications. Educators must foster a setting in which students are comfortable making their concerns known to teachers and peers. Interventions both to curb and to address student violence must be multifaceted. Serious psychiatric disorders indicate the need for counseling and possibly medication. The treatment plan must integrate legal

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