Theories Of Police Brutality

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How and why do police abuse their power of authority through Excessive Force, False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, Unreasonable Search, and Tampering with the rights of Pre-trial Detainees? They are many different ways in which a police officer can abuse their power of authority; some of them abuse their authority by making false arrest, using too much force when trying to arrest someone, searching someone without a warrant or the person permission, this has been going on for years its becoming an American problem because the people that should be protecting us are the people who we are most afraid of and that should never be the case in a society.
Excessive Force is a hard thing for the courts to place judgment upon because it can be looked
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It relates with almost all course material, including control theory, labeling theory, the article read about the ‘Saints and the Roughnecks’, positivism, as well as the Chicago school. For example when it comes to the labeling theory, many officers are a big believer in that theory. When you identify yourself as a certain type of person, it is common for an officer to do the same, which can be a cause of police brutality. In the article “Saints and the Roughnecks” we see how cops can be brutal because of their demeanor. The Saints were described as dressing in a decent manor, oppose to the Roughnecks that were dressed acceptable to society. This is definitely an example of labeling theory. Each theory about criminology involves law enforcement in one way or another, and it will be easy to connect with coursework. Within this assignment, the chosen theory that best describes all assets of our topic is simply conflict theory. Being that conflict theory focuses on the social and political aspects of a group, it definitely covers each and every topic listed above. This theory allows the topics to shows a great example of power differentials between authority, such as police officers, and

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