Theories of Journalism Essay

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Theories of Communication – MCM 511


Defining communication
Communication is seen as central to our everyday ideas about what makes life worth living. It is not surprising that academicians have attempted to unravel the secrets of the communication process. In this section of the study we will examine the theorizing and theories of this discipline of communication.
To understand communication theory we need to understand the nature of communication.
Nature of communication
People define terms in different ways, and those differences in definition can have a profound impact on the extent to which we understand each other and the way we move forward with both academic and everyday pursuits.
Given the variety of
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However through this definitional turmoil many conceptual features have emerged as important points of discussion.
Conceptualizing communication: points of convergence
Communication is a process:
Process-oriented conceptualization of communication suggests that it is continuous and complex and cannot be arbitrarily isolated. David Berlo in 1960 popularized this idea in these words.
“If we accept the concept of process, we view events and relationships as dynamic, on-going, everchanging, continuous. When we label something as a process we also mean that it does not have a beginning, an end, a fixed sequence of events. It is not static at rest. It is moving. The ingredients within a process interact; each affects all others.”
So when we look at communication as a process, we see that even simple interactions are influenced in complex ways by the past and will also have important implication for the future. In early conceptualizations of communication this process was seen as a primarily linear one, in which communication moved from a source to a receiver. As we can see in the Lasswell’s classical model of communication: Who?
Says what?

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Theories of Communication – MCM 511


To whom?
Through what channel?
With what effect?
Lasswell’s linear model of communication is not accepted for it does not incorporate a feedback loop

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