Essay on Theories Of Crime And Conflict Theory

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Admittedly, when examining theories of crime that would assume that societies are constantly changing, which creates a conflict among various groups. The conflict among these groups is because the competition to have each group’s interests promoted, protected, and often put into law. For instance, if all the groups had equally powerful and the same amount of resources, the battles would consist of comprise and negotiation, but groups tend to have different amount of power and resources they have. Furthermore, powerful groups can exert dominance over the weaker groups because of the laws that were created and enforced to benefit them. In addition, similar to the Marxist theories, some groups gain and maintain dominance over the less powerful groups by using the law as a tool. However, this creates a state of inequality that resulting in oppression because the sense of injustice and unfairness among members of the less powerful groups, and this feelings is believed to be the primary cause of crime. Undoubtedly, there is several types of conflict theory, but most theorist often agree with Marxist theories. For instance, this might be the reason why many communistic countries such as Russia and Cuba would have high rates of crimes. Some countries like Sweden that utilize a capitalistic economic structures have low crime rates. Another type of conflict theory is referred to as pluralistic, which argues that multiple groups hold power of all the other groups instead of the one…

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