Theories, Behaviorism, Cognitivism And Constructivism Essay

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Theories of Learning
Learning brings cognitive, emotional and environmental influences together in a process to acquire, enhance or make changes in a student’s knowledge. The theories direct our attention to variables used in finding solutions. There are three main theories, behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism. The following essay will be centered around these three categories. They are concerned with three different methods of learning, and behaviorism is the aspects of learning that can be observed; cognitivism deals with the look beyond behavior into the brain-based learning and constructivism are the process in which the student constructors or builds new ideas. Behaviorism is the process of associating a stimulus with the response that produces a new behavior. Reinforcement produces a change in behavior. The reinforcement may be negative or positive. Both reinforcements may cause the behavior to repeat itself even though negative reinforcements decreases the chances of the behavior repeating itself. When the learning has occurred, there has been a change in behavior. Tbe behavioral techniques are used by teachers to promote desirable behavior as well as discourage bad behaviors. The strengths of using a behaviorism are that it is appropriate to use the behaviors to make behavioral; contracts, because it can bring about a preferred result with the use of punishment, reinforcement and extinction. The success of outcomes is readily measurable, it guarantees…

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